Jul. 1st, 2014

theducks: (Alex Mountie)
I've been a fan of the Arrogant Worms for at least 8 years now - back on Canada 2006, we wandered through the streets of Airdrie Alberta, singing "Canada is really big" to the applause of passers by.

Annnyway, I picked up the newspaper in the lobby yesterday, and saw the 'Worms were playing at the Steveston Salmon Festival Canada Day concert. Count me in!

Best band ever to book for a Canada Day concert. They didn't play "Canada is really big", but they did play a bunch of other ones. I posted an Instagram on Facebook, and found out one of my friends works with the lead singer - he's an English teacher in Ontario! Small world - wish I knew beforehand - I would have said hi.

(This friend - I don't think we've ever met in Canada - but she was one of the incoming exchange students at ECU when I worked there in like 2000, so we hung out in Perth a few times. Added difficulty of Perthing.)

I love all the concerts we've been able to go to here. Canada is really bigawesome.

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