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Some time ago (October), I saw Philips Livingcolour lamps and thought they were awesome and I should make one. I did some thinking, and decided not to re-invent the wheel, and make some changes.

Arduino with Ethernet and MaxM

So I made one, that is ethernet connected and can be controlled by a webpage :) I used an Arduino, with an NKC Ethernet board (standard Arduino Ethernet compatible, don’t use this one), and a BlinkM MaxM.

RGB Ethernet Arduino, in use

I bought a couple of BlinkM’s and MaxM’s from sparkfun. And they are fun.

And the best thing, I didn’t have to write much code at all. Thanks to this guy. It needed some poking to run in the Arduino IDE, but eventually got there. Problem now is is that I have about 26 bytes of spare space on the Arduino. I just hope I’m not using the optimised Ethernet library yet.

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The MaxM’s aren’t as bright as I hoped. Just as well I have two of them ;) For my reference though, this is the flickr photostream of the guy who invented them.



May. 5th, 2009 04:44 pm
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My BlinkMs and MaxMs finally arrived last night. Very cool. It does however seem that sketch that lets the scheduler communicate with them only runs on Arduino 0012, while the sketch for my Ethernet shield only runs on Arduino 0015.

Which brings me to some self beration over buying that shield. I bought the older style ENC28J60 shields, rather than the much nicer Wiznet 500 ones. Oh well, I’ll just buy one of those instead.


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