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Been doing weddingy-things today. It's kinda fun.

In our spare moments at work, we did some work on a guest list using a Google Documents Spreadsheet. It's nifty, since it updates in realtime as two people are working on it. Initial count is 127 people, which will probably have to come down a bit, since neither of our families are made of money. So, in advance, we're both sorry if we can't invite you to the reception, but you are all most welcome at the wedding ceremony.

Dropped by Cottesloe Civic Centre this evening after work. It looked nice, but we're not sure it's what we're after. Came home, had some dinner, did some web browsing of sites, and have been using a shared Google Notebook to store snippets on various venues.

Dropped over to uncle and aunt's house to swap Macbook Pro batteries and pick up a copy of their photos from the family engagement party. Turned out pretty well. To re-iterate, this is the family party. If you were thinking you were coming and missed it, you haven't - details are in this post, including date and time. Edit: Erk.. 58 people have RSVPed.

In more general terms, it's starting to get hot. This displeases me. My office at work gets really hot. Heat + randy peacocks = unpleasant office. Hopefully we'll be moving soon. We'll see how that goes.

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