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So, let's assume Apple releases a 32Gb iPhone just in time for us to arrive in Canada. It seems my options are pretty much to get a three-year contract with Rogers, or don't get an iPhone.

I had a chat with the Rogers online support bot (or person in a third world country, who knows) talking about options. The cognitive dissonance was astounding. The mere idea that someone would even consider using a mobile telephone not purchased from the service provider is unspeakable to them, yet assuming it was some lady in india, no doubt personally quite familiar.

So a 16Gb iPhone will cost C$299 (+15% tax.. yay :P), and then C$60 (again, doubtless plus tax) per month, on a 3 year contract. If we come back after the 12 month period, I'd be up for an early termination fee of C$400 (+tax), so I'd have paid C$699 for the iPhone. Which isn't actually that bad.

But still, the whole "handset = service = carrier" mentality is retarded. I'm not saying that glibly, I mean that by not acknowledging that with GSM, SIM card = carrier and the carrier defines services for the SIM, despite knowing full well that it does, they are actually displaying signs of mental retardation.


And another thing.. Canada has a population with similar density to Australia given relative country size, and a slightly larger one, why then does it have such a crappy telecommunications industry? Is it that Australia's government regulates things to allow competition? I'm surprised companies like 3 haven't tried there.

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