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Quick Summary: Back in Perth. Even though it's been 8 months, lots of stuff still seems familiar. Just, we don't have jobs to go back to here, we have jobs to go back to in Canada. Checking the "Visitor" box on the incoming passenger card instead of the "Australian Resident Returning" one felt grown up.

AC33 - YVR - SYD
Reasonably new B773 (C-FRAM)

Watched: Law Abiding Citizen, Frost/Nixon and Zombieland. All good.
Tried watching "Where the wild things are", but the kid pissed me off too much. I mean, I know his problems are part of the whole story, but it just wasn't something I wanted to deal with at that time.

Fair bit of mild turbulence.. like, 45-60 minutes of the plane shaking. We were in the tail section, and it wobbled side to side for that time.

Slept well, but with a slightly delayed departure from Vancouver, plus a weather diversion near Hawaii, we got to Sydney with very little time to spare... we didn't stop moving from the time we left the first flight, and the time we got to the second one (except waiting for bags - 5 mins and transfer bus - 10 mins). No questions from Customs - just stampy town and we were away. Unfortunately our bags didn't make it, so Qantas are delivering them tonight.

QF577 - SYD - PER
Nice new A330 (VH-EBH - reusing one of the 743 regos)

Watched: A Final Night With George W. Bush (by Will Farrall :) and some Simpsons.

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