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So it's 3AM and I can't sleep. What a surprise. I find myself thinking of an evil project for when we get home.

But first, this reminds me of a previous holidays projects post (Here). Let's check the status of these:

done - 1) Fit out our storage shed into a bit more of a workshop.

done - 1.1) Build worktop for drawers

2) Layer cake of doom monitor

done - 2.1) Buy Dremel press

3) Photo Frame mk2

I actually have the laser paths set up and the plastic for 2 and 3, but the UWA laser cutter was busy when I asked in.. erm.. May? so I put it aside. I'll get back to it when I get home (maybe..)

Ok, so project 4:

Philips sell these LivingColors devices, which are basically an LED lamp that has an apparent 24bit gamut. It's made of 4 x 3W Luxeon LEDs, with a funky interface, and SG$120.

My evil plan is: buy an Arduino($30-50), buy appropriate Luxeon LEDs (seems to be about $5 each) or a combined RGB LCD module (like this one) for a similar price, some transistors, a power supply, and have a fun little project.

Assuming I don't loose interest, if I get really adventurous, I can then upgrade the Arduino to a bluetooth one ($170 :(), and write a MacOS app colour picker/device controller.

Attentive readers will note than the return on investment for this project is almost certainly going to be negative. More attentive readers will realise that this isn't the point :P

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