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As mentioned previously, we went to San Francisco last week. It's pretty awesome how we can take a 2 hour flight and end up in San Francisco. I remember the 24 hours of flying it took last time I went there :P On the downside, due to the ominous sound of baggage restrictions to the US, neither of us took our laptops, so we survived on iPod touchen (that's the word, right?) with brief internets, so no posts while we were down there.

Left work at 1PM, after rushing to provision a new VLAN and VM.. which mostly worked. I just forgot to add the VLAN to the internal switches in the blade chassis. It was my first time. Oh well.

Bus home, shower, shave, final pack, taxi to airport. For logistical reasons, US Customs and Immigration for flights from Canada to the US is done in Canada. So you run the gauntlet of ticketing, bag drop, security checkpoint (at DEFCON orange111 or something), then US Customs. Who were really nice to us. And they say there hasn't been Change..

Hung around at the airport waiting for our flight, then 2 hours later, touch down in San Fran. Caught a shuttle to our hotel, Hilton Union Square. Dropped off bags in room, met up with step sister and her partner, Jeff. Went out in search of dinner at about 9:30, found a few places open, and had Thai.

.. the rest of it in point form:

- California Aquarium with Elizabeth

- Alcatraz with Eliz, Jade and Jeff
- Boat cruise with Eliz, Jade and Jeff

- Golden Gate Bridge with Elizabeth
- California Academy of Science with Eliz, Jade, Jeff
- Castro with Eliz, Jade and Jeff

- Meet up with Robin, Stacy
- Heinold's Last Chance Saloon at Jack London Square, Oakland - Seems to have change a bit since my great great uncle was there in the 1960s
- Marin County Civic Center + Farmers Market (A Frank Lloyd Wright building, and site of several incidents of domestic terrorism in the 1970s)
- Muir Woods
- Alamo Square and Painted Ladies (these houses, you may remember them from the end of the opening sequence to Full House)

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