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So I have lots of numbers from the Canadian government. But notably these three.
  • SIN - Social Insurance Number (Tax)
  • UCI - Unique Client ID (Immigration)
  • T-Number - Visa Document number
For shits and giggles, I have two UCIs - one from my days as an exchange student in 1998/1999, and one from my most recent visits. They should have used my original UCI from 1998 when I got my first work permit Letter of Introduction in 2009, but it hasn't really caused any problems. 

I've only had one SIN - It's a temporary one (begins with "9") that we got in 2009 when we first arrived on our "temporary" work permits, which was then extended again in 2011. Now that we're PR, it changes to a permanent SIN, which issued in BC will begin with "7", theoretically. 

I have had at least 5 T-Numbers on various study/work permits and one final one on my Confirmation of Permanent Residence (COPR) document. I discovered today however that my COPR T-Number (#5) invalidates the second-most recent work permit T-Number (#3), while my current SIN is linked to T-Number #4. Change of status from worker to PR means changing SIN, by invalidating the SIN that refers to the T-Number that the COPR invalidates. Do you see the problem?

All this means that I couldn't get a new SIN on the spot this morning and instead have to wait for a paper application for one to be processed, which hopefully should happen before the current SIN becomes invalid. I couldn't get a straight answer on what happens if it doesn't arrive by then, only that I should really call if I don't get a new card by May 7th.


Oh Perth..

Apr. 23rd, 2012 07:42 am
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We just spent the last two weeks in Perth.

While there, I saw [ profile] alias_sqbr,[ profile] alkland,[ profile] ataxi,[ profile] auntpol,[ profile] azhure,[ profile] bookbuster,[ profile] carywin,[ profile] distantcam,[ profile] dr_jekyl,[ profile] drayke_,[ profile] ducts,[ profile] e_bee,[ profile] elaran,[ profile] evilspyn,[ profile] flyingblogspot,[ profile] frenchiephish,[ profile] frostlight1,[ profile] grahame,[ profile] greteldragon,[ profile] hipikat,[ profile] kadeton,[ profile] lathiat,[ profile] maelkann,[ profile] miss_kittylix,[ profile] mkj,[ profile] nightmancyr,[ profile] oliverm,[ profile] originalnilson,[ profile] paperishcup,[ profile] reaps,[ profile] stepham,[ profile] tevriel,[ profile] the_riviera_kid,[ profile] tommmo,[ profile] torque_635,[ profile] unfoldedreality,[ profile] utopos, and it was awesome.

On the way back, we got this stamp - which means we can stay in Canada as long as we want, which is also pretty awesome:

Immigrant Stamp

This brings to a conclusion secretprojectnumber5

But it's not all good - I think lost my iPhone SIM removal tool, and the Prius's battery was flat when we got back, so I took it for a jetlagged 45 minute drive yesterday.
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As part of Formerly-Secret Plan Number 5, we're pondering a road trip. Not just any road trip. A massive, 52 day undertaking from Vancouver to Boston for [ profile] ursamajor's wedding, and back. It would probably end up with a journal being entitled "There and Back Again" or something very much like it.

I'm pondering the purchase of a Ford Crown Victoria (CAD$5000 for an ex-Police one, 2003 vintage or so). Fuel efficiency isn't that great (8-9km/L highway), but since most Police departments in North America operate them, service and spares would be a piece of cake. Which when you're broken down in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, is what you want.

One of the routings I've looked at is:

Vancouver BC to Kamloops BC		355 km	
Kamloops BC to Canmore AB		519 km	
Canmore AB to Airdrie AB		133 km	
Airdrie AB to Moose Jaw SK		709 km	
Moose Jaw SK to Winnipeg MB		641 km	
Winnipeg MB to Thunder Bay ON		706 km	
Thunder Bay ON to Kapuskasing ON	610 km		
Kapuskasing ON to North Bay ON		488 km
North Bay ON to Ottawa ON		362 km
Ottawa ON to Montreal ON		194 km
Montreal ON to Quebec City QC		253 km
Quebec City QC to Sherbrooke QC		235 km
Sherbrooke QC to Boston MA		410 km
Boston MA to Schenectady NY		294 km
Schenectady NY to Toronto ON		593 km
Toronto ON to London ON			195 km
London ON to Sarnia ON			107 km
Sarnia ON to Flint MI			114 km
Flint MI to Toledo OH			175 km
Toledo OH to Layfayette IN		343 km
Lafayette IN to St Louis MO		447 km
St Louis MO to Branson MO		409 km
Branson MO to Wichita KS		495 km
Wichita KS to Denver CO			834 km
Denver to Casper WY			445 km
Casper to Bozeman MT			675 km
Bozeman MT to Spokane, WA		640 km
Spokane WA to Portland OR		567 km
Portland OR to Everett WA		326 km
Everett WA to Vancouver BC	  	181 km
Total:					  12455 kms

Over 52 days, this works out to about 450km/day, taking into account multi-day stops in Canmore, Toronto, Montreal, Quebec, Boston, Sarnia, Portland, Lafayette, etc.. And no, we're not stopping over night in Flint Michigan, or Gary Indiana, but we may go through them.

Anyway, this is just a plan. There are factors working against it, like the need to find employment in Vancouver, the cost of it all (about CAN$6000 on top of the car, factoring in insurance, tolls, fuel, accommodation on the way, etc), but hey, it'd be fun, right?
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Today on IRC, [ profile] hipikat asked the above question.

The short answer, for people like he and I, it is pretty easy, but it'll cost you about $2500 per person, and require you to clear-fell a small section of amazonian rainforest over the 4 and a half years it takes for various paperwork (80+ pages).

Anyway, the long answer is )

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